Wednesday 25 May 2011

Now this is why I love making digital stamps...

using Jellypark digital stamp 'Butterfly Girl'
We love these beautiful cards that have been made in Norway using our digital stamps! Wenche from the design team on contacted me through Etsy a little while ago to ask for a couple of samples to work with and she has just sent me this link to her article on the forum. Aren't they amazing?

using Jellypark digital stamp 'Butterfly Girl'

using Jellypark stamp 'Pencil Rabbit'
As I was quoted in the article, it is so lovely to think I can draw a picture here, pop it up on the internet and within a few minutes people all round the world can use the image to start creating. Amazing.

Wenche tells me scrapbooking is quite a new hobby in Norway but it is expanding fast, their forum has over 14,000 members to date. For the full article see here