Monday 11 July 2011

In praise of Design Teams and Challenge Blogs

When I first dipped my toe into the world of digital stamps, I spent a long time on the internet checking out other companies to see what sort of images people were buying. I kept coming across these 'Design Teams' and to be honest I didn't have a clue how they worked. As I saw more and more and then came across challenge blogs it dawned on me what a brilliant idea they all were!

I am sure every one of us has sat with an image, fiddled about a patterned background paper we like or just sat in front of a blank piece of paper - with not a single clue or scrap of inspiration as to where to start. The DT's and challenge blogs are the perfect solution to get that flash of an idea, maybe a colour combination you hadn't thought of or just a totally different way to arrange the elements in front of you.

I knew one of my aims early on was to have our own Design Team one day, to help inspire ideas and show off our stamps too! The craft and card making community is friendly and vibrant, particularly in the blogging world were people have their own space to put up their designs and the means to connect with other like minded creatives to swap techniques and ideas, to share the enjoyment of their craft.

I have asked for advice, for ideas and opinions and every single person I have come across has been so friendly and gone out of their way to help me out. So I am indebted to everyone along the way as the Jellypark Friends Design Team and Challenge Blog begins this Friday. I am particularly grateful to Jennifer Scull who has given so much of her time and advice, without Jennifer this new team and blog would not exist - thank you Jennifer!

If you have been over to our Design Team and Challenge Blog you will have met out lovely ladies on the team already. Plus if you have checked out their blogs you will know that we are lucky indeed to have these talented people with us and I know you are going to get loads of inspiration from them with their great card making ideas.

As we gear up for Friday I have had some sneek peeks of the cards the team have prepared for the launch of the two new Jellypark digital stamps. Now, I knew this bunch of ladies were going to be great but their first bunch of designs are AMAZING... just can't wait until Friday now!

We will be releasing two new Jellypark stamps in the store this Friday and on the same day you will find the Design Team's ideas for how you can create brilliant designs with them on the Challenge Blog.

Then we want everyone to join in with the Jellypark Challenge we will set on each stamp release day - there are details over on the blog of how to enter, rules of entry etc. There will be prizes to win plus winner's badges to pop on you blogs and sometimes a nice little free digital stamp for you to play with too!

So roll on Friday and let the fun begin!


  1. oh gosh, Claire, I am blushing over here..... it's really the chance to be around fabby people like you and the others that make this such a fun adventure! :) I am having the time of my life!
    can't wait for Friday when it all kicks off! and I have challenges all planned out through the end of the year! hope we have tons of friends come join us! grins!

  2. And thank you for asking me! So glad to be part of your venture and just love your digis!!

    Bring on Friday!!

  3. It's a genuine pleasure for me to be involved. I've had so much support already for my first dip into the wonderful world of Design Teams. Can't wait for friday whoopee :o)Thank you again Claire and Jennifer for choosing me and the rest of the team for your support xx

  4. Wonderful post Claire & you've certainly summed up what a challenge blog / DT is all about.
    I can't wait until Friday & hope the challenges are a great success.