Wednesday 6 July 2011

Why I Hate Sports Day and 5 Things I Do Like

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, this is the time of year that, if you have kids in school, your diary is packed with end of term dates.

Last night was parents evening for my eldest, his first one at senior school. So many teachers to see, my goodness it took forever to work our way around the tables. Why do I instantly feel intimidated by teachers? It must be conditioned into me from those (very long ago now) school days of mine when some of the teachers in my old school used to strike the fear of god into me! Now I am a grown up, am actually older than most of the frankly alarmingly young looking teaching staff and yet still found myself squirming when talking to them and feeling about 13 again!

It was meant to be Sport day for the youngest this afternoon and I watched with much delight as the rain clouds gathered and did a little jig when the text came through from the school to cancel due to the weather. Hate sports day, we just don't do sport in this household! We were not naturally graced with ball skills or the ability to run so the dislike for that annual day in which we are expected to demonstrate this to the entire school has passed down the generations. They don't assemble the parents to publicly witness how badly little Tommy is at spelling or to watch as little Jenny fails to grasp long multiplication, now do they?!

So, now on to things I do like. I have been whizzing around on the internet more than usual over the last few days and keep coming across the most lovely things so I thought I would share 5 with you:

From Sweet Poppy Cat Etsy store, a jumper recycled into a cute monster which reminds me of the lovely illustrations in 'Where The Wild Things Are'

The dunk mug from Mocha because I love a chocolate digestive to dunk in a hot cuppa

I want one of these from Marnie Moyle just need to grow a tree first to hang it from...

Bought one of these from Paperpod for a little friend and she so loved it - decorated it and flew it to the moon.

...and for some reason bunting just makes me happy! (from Art To Go)


  1. your post gave me a chuckle! thank you - and I will gladly take a mug like that one to dunk my cookie into my cuppa joe! :)

  2. I think the mug needs to be taller - two choc biscuits is just not enough :)

  3. I'm with you on Sports day unfortunately the sun was shining for ours, but the boy won the long jump at least so he was happy, I no longer take part in the mum races as I got a big scratch down my arm last time from a very eager mother and my friend got elbowed in the eye lol.
    I love that mug but agree is should accomodate at least 4 biscuits minimum. I am also a huge fan of bunting, my sister and I went camping last year, we pitched our tents side by side and tied bunting between the two it was very cool and kids could identify our tents easily. :o)