Saturday 2 July 2011

A new book to illustrate?

I've been contacted by a book publisher this week who wants to put a book proposal forward to a bigger company and would like me to be the illustrator. To do this I need to produce one double page spread to show how the book will appear once finished, this gets shown to the big bods at the company and fingers crossed they will commission the book. Watch this space!

I have illustrated a few books now but only have ever seen one in the flesh! Many of the others were for reading schemes and a couple were published is Spain and so I never saw any copies. This is my first book, how proud was I to see my name on the front cover?! That was a lifetimes ambition met, all I had wanted since being a kid was to illustrate a book.

Well the shop is now open and it all went well yesterday! I got this yummy cake made for me by my good friend Louise, how cool is this?!! Loving the 'crayon' candles and the little girl image she copied from one of our digital stamps!

And finally, have you entered both of our Jellypark competitions? We have one on Twitter and one on our Facebook page, make sure you all enter :)

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