Sunday 19 June 2011

Counting down...'s only 12 days to launch day!

It's getting close and we are getting a little bit goggle eyed from far too many hours on the computer getting everything ready. Scribbled 'to do' lists are lying around desks and stuck on fridges, stock is arriving and sitting in boxes around my feet and the kids are moaning about not being fed...

But it is so exciting and just can't wait to get everything up and running now. The website design is all done and now work is mainly getting all the stock photographed and listed up on the site. As it comes together I'm getting lots of ideas about other things we can produce, a range of children's party invites is definitely one and we might even get these ready for launch day...if only we can find the time!

Sneak peek time

To complement our Tooth Fairy letters, we have our new Tooth Fairy calling cards. A rather cute set of 8 mini cards that come in a cream organza bag - perfect for leaving under a pillow with your pound coin to let a child know the Tooth Fairy has visited!

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  1. holy schmoleys..... only 12 days left?!?!?!!? jinkies! I can't believe it! I know you have some totally fab things up your sleeves! your sneakies are so cute! :)