Monday 27 June 2011

Only 5 days to opening day and 7 random facts

The heat is on, both here in the UK where we are boiling in some kind of mini heatwave and at Jellypark where we are getting ready for Friday's grand launch.
While we busy ourselves scribbling to-do lists on scraps of paper and check stock and stuff, I thought I would let you know a few random facts while we keep you waiting for everything to finally get up and running.
Prompted by a message left on this blog from Wendy at who passed on The Versatile Blogger badge with instructions to:
1. Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award. 
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.  
3. Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won.
It's me, Claire! What do you want to know?

So are you ready for 7 random facts?
  1. Jellypark is not really named after anything in particular, I wanted a name that would make you think of childhood fun and jelly and parks used to come pretty high on my list of good times when I was a nipper!
  2. I have an Arsenal season ticket. Arsenal runs through the family DNA and my first memories are about Arsenal, I plan my winter diary around the fixture list and I can bore you to death with my top ten best Arsenal goals, top ten Arsenal players, top ten Arsenal...ah well, you get the idea.
  3. I have had double vision for about two years and have a weird stick-on prism thing on my glasses so I can see properly - looks SO amazingly stylish.
  4. I sometimes do some backing vocals for a local band - get me the rock star.
  5. I once refereed a local football match when the ref did a no show, the men were all shocked into politeness by have a female ref and gave me no trouble!
  6. I have a pact with several female friends that once we reach a certain age we are going to all retire to a delightful row of small cottages somewhere in Norfolk over looking a beach, own cats, paint all day and drink too much gin. Anyone else up for it?
  7. My brother-in-law used to do the voice over for 'Katie Price - the next chapter' (ok I realise that is not a fact about me, I've rather run out of anything interesting now)
Here are seven bloggers I have recently found and liked:

Now back to work!!


  1. okay I am going to be VERY Yank and ask the dumbest question here.... what is arsenal? it sounds as if it must be very interesting, but I have no idea what in the world it is.....please help?

    count me in on the cottage house with you but only if I may please have tequilla instead..... grins!

    I have had tremors since I was in my 30's so won't we make a pair at the local pub when we are older? you with your prism and me spilling tequilla all over the table.... but won't we be giggling up a storm! everyone will just look at us and shake their heads at those 'old ladies'! I can't wait! well I guess I can 'cause we have lots to do until then!

  2. Arsenal - the very best football team in England (that would be 'soccer' to you Yanks!)

    Ok Jennifer I have your name down for a cottage and a bottle of tequilla will be waiting for you when you move in.

    Planning to grow old disgracefully in good company!

  3. I'm def in for the cottages plan - fab idea - we'll grow our own lemons just for the gin (and they'll work for Jen's tequilla too)!
    Southwold would be perfect for our hippy ole lady lifestyle and I would like to be the one that wears inappropriate clothing and outlandish hats please ! I wonder who will become the crazy one with a wierd pet ?!
    Thanks for the award but I just can't compare to your interesting facts I might have to make some up !!
    ((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

  4. Come on Suzie, I'm sure there are a few random things you can tell us about you?! I look forward to your list where we will try and guess which ones you made up...

    Your cottage is booked too and inappropriate clothing is mandatory.

  5. okay, lemons and football..... I can do that. but the tequilla will def help! grins! oh what a row of houses we will have! no rose bushes growing along any of them as I have a feeling we might now always be walking straight as we return home from the pubs and might do a bit of 'meandering'! grins!

  6. oh,are we going to be crazy cat ladies, too? just want to get my plans in order.....

  7. Ah, yes I can go for the cottages lark but I've never had gin. I know. I've not lived! Anyone remember Taboo?!

    I fell into some bushes when a lot younger (and under the legal drinking age) after drinking a rather lot of Bacardi. Can't stand the stuff now!

    A string of dainty and pretty fairy lights to mark the paths would be handy!

  8. Fairy lights are a splendid idea, we'll have loads of them of them strung up to light our weary way home from the pub...and yes Jennifer, if we are going to do this properly we need cats.

  9. Love the cottages idea - I think we may end up with a small village and not just a row of cottages. Suzie's idea of Southwold sounds good - we could all live in beach huts!

    Growing old disgracefully is definitely on my to-do list.

  10. Sorry - forgot to say - good luck with the shop opening - very exciting! x