Thursday 23 June 2011

Juggling Work and Family (and dropping the balls a lot)

I have had the pleasure of seeing my youngest son in his school play and my eldest son receive an award at school this week - a chance to take a break from work and just enjoy family stuff and I loved it.  Things are naturally busy insane at the moment because of Jellypark Store opening next week so I must confess to neglecting the home and family a teeny bit over the last few weeks.

As I walk past the over flowing washing basket and cringe slightly at the gathering dust on various surfaces I do sometimes wonder how I am meant to wear both my Mum Hat and my Business Woman Hat and manage to pull off both roles.

I am very lucky that I love my job (what's not to love about getting to colour in all day?!) and at the moment I'm even enjoying the admin side of things as I see the store all coming together. So I'm over run with work at the moment but as most mums of school age children know, this is the time of year when the calendar starts to bulge with places to be.

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In the next couple of weeks I am attending a drama club play, two school parents evenings, a sports day and a swimming gala. I have to make an old man costume for the play as well as whip up a Tudor outfit for the youngest's school trip to Kentwell Hall. Add to that the usual making of school packed lunches, washing school uniforms, supervising homework (oh and just loving the school chucking in 'make a model of a Tudor house' project this month, thanks for that) and I haven't even started thinking about actual housework stuff...

I do love doing all the kids stuff though and as they suddenly seem older it reminds me to make sure I really enjoy all this because it will be all be gone too soon.

But what exactly made me think this was going to be a perfect time to launch a new business?!


  1. I guess theres never a "perfect" time to launch a new business but I admire your bravery! Just think it will all be worth it, plus when its all set up things will *hopefully* calm down a bit.
    Wishing you luck!
    Hayley x

  2. 'cause we're all a bit whacked in the head who get into this in the first place! tee hee!
    you will do just fine! take deep breaths.......

  3. Don't worry about dust accumulating on surfaces it's doing your kids immune systems the world of good :o), every cloud and all that.... You're doing a great job, love the decoupage sheet. Mel x