Tuesday 21 June 2011

A Digital Painting - but is it real art?

This is just a teeny little bit of one of my new box canvases - just to give you another taster of whats coming on 1st July! Box canvases are brilliant for children's bedrooms - bright art for the wall but no heavy frame or glass to break. 

This was painted digitally on the computer, created in Corel Painter 11 - not a paintbrush in sight. I'm quite new to creating art this way and I am loving exploring all the new different techniques - possibilities are endless. Here you can mash together oils, pastel and pencils, swapping between them easily to get exactly the effect you want. 

It's quick and the bonus of no mess too which for me is perfect as I am the messiest painter going...if I am painting with acrylics then I end up with as much on me as on the canvas. There will be some that will always question whether digital art is as 'real' as painting with raw materials - who is to say? 

I've always said I am more of an illustrator than a proper fine artist anyway so I am not entering into the argument, I'm just loving it and plan to do a lot more work this way.


  1. I believe it is art if it is a method of creatively expressing yourself..... just my 2 cents. tee hee!

    and I think it is wonderful! :)

  2. Art to me is looking at something beautiful, regardless of how it is created. I love it, so cute. I'm also new to digital art and whilst I still enjoy physically holding a pen or paint brush to create, I equally enjoy working with the pc and if I can use both mediums together then all the better :o)

  3. I'd love to be able to get to grips with computer art - go for it!

    I have a little surprise award for you on my latest blog post: 1st Unique Gifts Blog