Wednesday 29 June 2011

Goldilocks, Swimming Galas and The Apprentice

Been fiddling around tidying up loose ends today and ticking off last minute bits to do for Friday. Friday is Jellypark Day!! With the new store opening, the DT team announced and the challenge blog launched - well it's going to be quite a big day for us. 

Today we did a trial run on the store and did a dummy purchase to make sure everything is running smoothly - so far so good! As I look around the store I just wish I had time to get all my ideas ready right now and stock the shop to brimming. This is early days for us though and we will grow over time - so many plans whizzing around inside my head!

Today I squeezed in some different jobs too, Mum hat was popped on to go and see youngest in his school swimming gala and my sister needed a picture of Goldilocks for a project she is working on. Here's what she got:

Right, time for feet up, a nice cuppa and wait for The Apprentice to start on the box...


  1. Lovely Goldilocks! And yeah for the Apprentice! We have Prawn Crackers at the ready! And don't forget to watch You've Been Fired on BBC2 straight after!

  2. What a cute Goldilocks, looks like butter wouldn't melt, but I bet she's hiding a porridge bowl behind her back!!

  3. You've Been Fired is the best bit!! And yes Lou, just like Jess, butter wouldn't melt ;)

  4. she is darling! you will have to draw the bears next! :)
    enjoy your evening!

  5. Love Goldilocks Claire :) The Apprentice is the highlight of my week & especially You're Fired (in fact it's one of the only things I watch - too busy crafting!)