Monday 6 June 2011

Website building = whizzy eyes

I've been staring at my computer screen for so long over the last few days that my eyes have gone all fuzzy.  There has been much work promoting my digital stamps as well as setting up the new online Jellypark shop and it's all starting to take it's toll! The shop means designing it's look as well as adding all the stock, each item needing a description, images, price details, postage etc. Phew!

Want a sneek peek? This has been my desktop for the last week:

Not sure the exact date we'll be opening but it will be very, very soon people....


  1. Looking forward to it, looks lovely, well done. Mel x

  2. Looking forward to it too! Have a look on my blog for some more promotion!!

  3. cool beans! sorry to have been away..... just got ahold of a compy today. hate having computer troubles.... ick!